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Merry Christmas !

Finally, I had updated my blog with this new post after leave it for about three months. So sorry to my blogger supporters. So after returning to here, I wanna share a post concerning with MERRY CHRISTMAS. 

The annual Christmas eve is dropped on today. Let's scream together :D Have you already receive gift from your family or friends ? Or even girl friend or boy friend ? For me, haven! :( My Christmas eve is just like sucks! No hang, no out, no enjoy. Just stay at home accompany my lovely mum to make biscuits and earn some money. :D Okay, just expect that today will have a great countdown at somewhere else.

It's will be reopen school next next week. I think this holidays is the most meaningful holidays in my life. Although it's unbelievable that SPM is just on the coming year, I'll try my best on it unless the results will standard on 4as.

Next station, Sunway Lagoon ! 
Damn expected !!

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